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Cabrinha Kites IDS 2010
The New 2009 Cabrinha Crossbow IDS or Nomad IDS Kite now available - order now! Ask us for your best Price...!
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Cabarete Kitecamp Specials
Here you will find all our special Kitesurf Offers with the motto - North Kiteboarding meets Cabarete Kitecamp
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New in our Kite Shop: The 2009 Naish Kites!
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F-One Bandit 4 Kite - 2011!
New the F-One Bandit 4 Kite - Please ask for the best Price...
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More-Than-Boards is the first agency which offers fully organized trips to exotic places, and destinations closer to home.
Are you already a group of people and want a “Full-Package” which you won´t forget? We can customise a package to suit your specific requirements.

Of course the fun on the water, and later in the evening are the main parts. Simply more-than-Kitesurfing! We also want you to improve your kiteing level. You will get tips from different team-drivers - or simply just go surfing with them, and learn from the best .Your skill level should be above average and at least be able to go up- wind.
For beginners- no problem: You travel with the whole group. On request we also offer beginner lessons and will supply all equipment.
No matter if you are an individual, or representativ company or organization.

You want to go alone on vacation you don`t know where! In this case we mediate already explored countries and every single corresponding part for your flight, hotel or your kite-course. Of course at special prices.

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